You can sometimes see the world just so

You can sometimes see the world just so
A certain narrow angle on,
Full askance, with indirect intensity --
And comprehend the light of energy --

Shimmering like a dewy web,
A shining net of flowing light,
Electric diamonds brighting in the breeze
Of time and life, breathing reality --

This solid page, as sure as stone,
Is as full of emptiness as space --
Its atoms are as rare as stars,
Lightly linked by electric

Gravity into a galaxy
Of paper -- the light, both white and black,
Flows through it and from it,
Playing a tug of war with your eyes --

Nothing is still, nothing static --
Solidity is just a guise
Put on by the river of energy
Rushing like the wind through time --

Just as a diamond that never
Decays is ever changing with light:
As timeless, ephemeral as clouds
And rainbows -- so is this shining world!