The Passionate Woodlander to his Love

Come live with me and be my sweet
And we will all the pleasures treat
That life and love, green earth, deep night,
Do offer for the heart's delight.

Come live with me and we will own
All that's free to all who roam
The forest hills round blooming towns,
Which springtime with wild roses crowns:

A rowboat for a wedding car,
For a diamond your favorite star,
A pine-needle bed for a bower,
And thunderstorms our bridal shower.

Lost caves, and secret cemeteries,
Stick caterpillars, sweet mulberries,
Raspberry spiders, watchful does,
Windshook towers, and cawing crows,

Emerald beetles, black-backed snakes,
Spooky sprucewoods, and distant lakes:
These things and more each year we'll greet
If you will come and be my sweet.

Come go with me, I'll go with you
Where butterflies of midnight-blue
Disport with tiger swallowtails
To tempt us down their weedy trails;

Where frogs dive screaming into pools
And start us so, we laugh like fools;
Where turtles bob and disappear —
Here all of life shines water clear —;

Where river mud the herons mark
In cuneiform texts that cryptic hark
To us of silent ageless ages
The wordless songs of nature's sages;

Where daffodils still every year,
Where once a garden grew, appear,
Where once a lonely cabin stood,
Where once a woman in this wood

Once lived and laughed and passed from time,
Beside a creek where we may find
A pottery shard, a bead of glass —
Mementos of a present past.

Come love with me and we will live
The whole of life that love does give
As full to lovers as to these,
The trees, the deer, the birds and bees:

A-bloom, a-buzz, a-burst with life,
And life with love: with you my wife
All this is mine, mine all is yours,
Our treasures all time brings our shores.