I marvel at the magic ways of time

I marvel at the magic ways of time,
   And how the currents ever carry us
      Near together through all the chance and change
Of all these years. How is it that we find
   Ourselves touching here again in the hush
      Of night, when we have been so long estranged?
The sun upon the moon will ever shine
   Despite her shifting times and changing guise,
      The seed will ever find a place to grow,
   The tide will ever fall again to rise,
And love to love as sure will ever rhyme —
      For love, no less than these, itself will show
First principles to the world and time —
      So must we, love, accept the fate love throws.

I marvel at the magic ways of time,
   And how the stream of fate bends every back
When we would alter it to our own minds —
   Around our rocks and dams it bends and backs
Into its course again — so gently urging
   Us to follow in its easy ways.
When will and chance, into each other merging,
   Flow as one, then's living and working play,
And love's a simple sailing down the wind —
   Our like desires, and common fates, have kept
      Us coming back into each other's race.
We are too much in sympathy akin,
   Too much two halves of one to be bereft —
      Come let us then our happy fate embrace.