What is non-action?

   It is neither doing nor not-doing, neither acting nor not-acting. What is it that I am trying to convey then? Mere nonsense?

   On the contrary, it is the insight that both action and inaction are nonsense. For there is no way to account for doing. Why do you do what you do? Now whatever cause or motive that you name, may there not be a further cause or deeper motive that gave rise to it? If there are causes and conditions which impel or inspire your actions then how can you say that it is you that is doing what is being done?

   Do I maintain therefore that you do nothing? can do nothing? must do nothing? No. For refusing to act is an act.

   Looking at this, at how we do what we do, no account can be given. No explanation explains. So I abandon explaining and do not contend. This is non-action.

   So I do nothing in the usual sense. So I do everything in the usual sense.